Underwater lights for your boat.
1. First sand all bottom paint off the transom where the lights will be installed. The lights have an
aluminum housing so they WILL react to any paint containing copper. And since most bottom
paints have copper I made sure all paint was removed a good 4 inches from the mounting

  • underwaterlights
  • underwaterlights
  • underwaterlights

2. Next I used the supplied template and taped it to the areas for mounting. I made sure there was
nothing in the way behind the transom in the engine room to interfere with the 1/2 inch hole
that needed to be drilled.
3. Next I drilled the main 1/2 inch holes and the small 1/4 in hole for the 3 mounting screws for
each light. The good news was that the transom core was completely dry. No rot found. I was
very nervous about this being a 28 year old boat.
4. I then used Trilux 33 bottom paint on the area where the lights will be installed. The Trilux 33 is
an aluminum safe paint. I put on 2 coats.
5. I then used plenty of 3m 4200 sealant in the holes and on the back of the lights. Let that setup
for a bit then mounted the lights. As suggested by the manufacturer I used a good amount of
4200 on the inside of the transom to completely seal the hole where the wire comes through
the transom.
6. I then painted the bezels of the lights with 2 coats of Triluxx 33 bottom paint as well.
7. I purchased 22 feet of 14 gauge Fourplex wire from west marine. I used one wire for each hot
and I tied all the commons together for the fourth wire. I soldered each wire and used heat
shrink to seal the wires. I ran the wire past the fuel tanks on the starboard side thru the cave up
to the helm. Then installed 4 inline 5 amp fuse to each hot again using solder and heat shrink.
8. I then installed a new 4 switch panel so I can control each light separating. I installed the new
panel under the lower helm to the flat surface on the right. The power source for the new Panel
comes directly from the 4 group 32 AGMs I have installed under the v-berth. I used 22 feet of 6
gage battery cable to connect the new panel. That’s over kill but I may want to draw additional
source from this feed at a later time. Currently the 4 batteries only supply power to the fridge,
the toilet and the inverter. Each light draws 2.5 amps, so that 10 amps total.