Underwaterlights for pools

LED light can be used in
both swimming pools and spas and is
environmentally friendly thanks to its long
life expectancy and energy efficiency. These
LED lights will last up to 100,000 hours
and use 80% less power than traditional
under water lights, thus reducing both
maintenance and running costs. Lights are
available in either white or multicolour
options where a choice of fixed colour or
automatic colour sequencing can be used to
create a range of different effects.

It is recommended to install a light for every 5m2 of water
surface. In swimming pools that are especially deep, a light is
required for every 10m3 of water volume.
In order to prevent glare, the lights should be installed so that
they face away from the residence or usual view of the
swimming pool.
For full installation and operating instructions please refer to the
MINI LED light instruction manual.

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