Lights for your yacht!!!

In yachtlights.gr you can find all the lights that have good power and can work on any boat or yacht with 12V with great luminus in led lights

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On Board we use led lights only because the have good power and low consuption of battery supplies

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General Operating Information:
The commercial grade Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology used in this light will provide robust and reliable operation under
normal operating conditions.
The light can be operated for a brief period of time when the vessel is out of the water, however, the light can be operated while
the vessel is underway.
Depending upon water clarity conditions, the light beam can reach up to 9 meters (30 feet).
General Safety Information:
Always disconnect and lock-out power source before working on light.
This light should be attached to the flat surface of a fiberglass or wood hulled vessel.
Marine growth should be removed from the convex cylindrical lense using a soft brush to allow illumination to exit the light.



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